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Mary Holland & Eileen Ioreo discuss the conflict of interests, ethics, clinical trials, legal action, and much more in this blockbuster book that exposes the HPV vaccine.

Myofunctional Disorders and Sleep Apnea

Sleep, speech and behavioral issues can arise from mouth breathing creating myofunctional disorders which effect the mouth and airway. 

The War on Real Medicine (And Doctors)

Dr. Judy Mikovits and Dustin Nemos -  The War on Real Medicine (And Doctors)

Candyce Interviews Christina Hildabrand

Christina Hildabrand discusses CA election and what we can expect in the coming year regarding Parental Rights 

How to Safely Enhance Detoxification

How do you know if you are detoxifying properly? What products can you use to help enhance detoxification? There are some very important aspects to know to help make detoxification a much safer process for your child with autism.